Everyone's office has some quirks, right? Maybe a door that nobody can unlock, a light that always flickers no matter how many times maintenance has attempted to fix it, or an abnormal sales floor set-up?

Well, my new office has something I've never seen nor heard of... ever!


TSM - Jahna Michal
TSM - Jahna Michal

You thought I was kidding? No, quite serious. Cue Michelle Tanner's famous quote: "There's a car in the kitchen!" Well, not quite a car, Michelle, but a bathroom in the kitchen is still pretty strange (and hilarious).

Think about this scenario: you're heating up your lunch when someone strolls out after "doing their thing" and now instead of smelling the scrumptious aroma of last night's pesto zucchini noodles, it's now mixed with the scent of your co-worker's business... YUCK. Yeah, no thanks.

Now, I have no way of knowing if that's ever actually happened here or not, but I thought it was pretty funny. Chris Coleman even suggested we add a bidet to add insult to injury. I guess every office has its quirks, right?

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