We're starting the morning trying to give away Garth Brooks Dive Bar Tickets with our new game "Untie Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood."

**UPDATE - The contest is over.  Congratulations to Jacob from EHT!

The premise is that three Garth and Trisha songs have been tied to the railroad tracks and you must "untie" the songs before the train comes!

What this really means is that you must identify the three songs that are "tied together.

Here are some hints:

1. There are three songs - two of which have been hit songs for either Garth Brooks or Trisha Yearwood, and one song by the other. (So, there are either 2 Garth songs and 1 Trisha song OR 1 Garth song and 2 Trisha songs. There are no duets.)

2. All 3 songs have been big hits. None of the songs are Christmas songs.

So, here's how to win. Listen at 6:20 and wait for us to ask you to call in and "Untie Garth and Trisha." If you're the correct caller, you guess the 3 songs. If you're right with all three, you win! If not, we'll go to the next two callers to play.

If we don't get a winner at 6:20, we'll play every 30 minutes or so. Just listen and wait for us to tell you to call in.

When someone doesn't win, we will tell him or her how many songs they got correct  - we just won't tell them which ones they were!

So, good luck!

Remember, all "regular" Cat Country rules apply for this contest. Also, you must be 21 years of age or older. Plus the prize is non-transferable - if you win, the tickets are for YOU and your guest - you can't give them to anyone else or sell them.

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