So, this morning I someone stumbled upon a YouTube show, channel, whatever, called "The Exodus and Iggy Show."

Exodus and Iggy are two elementary school aged brothers who are seemingly followed around a lot of time by cameras (presumably operated by family members.) Their YouTube channel features about 100 produced videos following the boys around on various adventures - including the first day of school:

An explanation of their YouTube channel reads as follows:

The Exodus and Iggy Show is a family-friendly channel showcasing all the adventures that we go on. From traveling across continents and discovering unique places in every city to blogging and sharing our fun days with you. We want to show you little pieces of our lives and for you to join us on this ride!

I know this is 2020 and everyone has a TV production studio on their phone - but, is this normal? The parents are basically videoing their kids life, editing it with some cool music and effects and throwing it up on the internet for the world to watch. Again, is this normal?

I watched the above video to the point where one of the kids was getting out of the family vehicle and I watched him pull his tucked pants out of his butt-crack. Is the world so-starved for entertainment that families need to video their kids doing this?

My kids are in their mid to late 20s, so they just missed the opportunity to be pint-sized YouTube stars, but I just can't imagine doing that to your kids. Is this some kind of child abuse? Following your kids around endlessly with a camera in their face - or with a camera behind them....

I'm sure parents who do this would defend the decision with something like, "The kids love it, they really want this." Honestly, are the kids old enough, though, to actually realize what they are doing, and what it means to their privacy?

Please note: I am by no way singling out these kids and knocking them. I feel they really have no choice in this.

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