We all know how beautiful it is living in Ocean County and the Jersey Shore. I had no idea about this hidden beach or island.

For us locals, we are spoiled by the beauty and the fun the Jersey Shore brings us. I know our kids will never understand that some people have never seen the beach or ocean. This is just hard for them to believe and for me to believe, but it's the truth.

I love where we live and I love the beaches. To find a hidden beach sounds like fun. I was never on this little hidden island in Ocean County, but I might check it out.

Douglas Rissing, Getty Images
Douglas Rissing, Getty Images

I had no idea about this little hidden island in Ocean County until I read the article from patch.com. How cool is this little place? You can only get here by boat.

What is this hidden island in Ocean County called?

The island is called Sedge Island.

Where is this hidden island in Ocean County?

The hidden island is located in Barnegat Bay off of Island Beach State Park.

From the website dep.nj.com:

A short 15-minute boat ride from the Sedge Dock at Island Beach State Park takes you to the island. The renovated duck hunting lodge dates to over 100 years old, and is full of history of famous sportsmen, historians, and conservationists. Sedge Island continues to fuel memories as it is home to scientists, researchers, and explorers who wish to experience the “magic of sedge.” The sunrise wakes the house each day and the marsh comes alive around it!

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