It's been a week since Tropical Storm Ida ravaged parts of the Garden State. Now, New Jersey has partnered with the two biggest rideshare companies to offer transportation to residents who lost their vehicles.

Flooding and tornados generated by Ida caused so much damage here in New Jersey. Certainly, some cars and trucks were totaled by water, fallen trees, or picked up and thrown elsewhere.

In an effort to help those affected get to where they need to go, NJ Governor Phil Murphy announced this week that the state (along with United Way Worldwide and NJ 211) will join with Lyft and Uber to offer free and discounted rides, reports.

In a recent statement, Lyft Social Impact Director Lisa Boyd said, "Nobody should have to worry after a natural disaster how they will get to essential places like the grocery store and medical appointments. Lyft is proud to join Governor Murphy in helping New Jerseyans get where they need to go until they can get back on their feet."

The offer is reportedly good for the next two weeks.

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If you're someone in need of a free or discounted rideshare because your vehicle was destroyed by Tropical Storm Ida, text the word NJIDARIDE to 898-211 to request an Uber or Lyft.

If you don't have a smartphone, you can simply dial 2-1-1 from any phone.

The state reminds riders there are a few restrictions, but any questions can be directed to 2-1-1.

We hope this info is beneficial to you or someone you know who may need the assistance.

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