It's officially beach season, and all though many come to the Jersey Shore to relax on our beautiful beaches, others come on down to explore the night life!

Credit: Paula Bronstein via Getty Images
Credit: Paula Bronstein via Getty Images

Uber released it's list of top destinations at the shore and here's what hit for Atlantic County:

  • 1

    Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City

    Especially with Premiere celebrating it's 1st birthday, this place is POPPIN' and one of my personal favorite casinos.

  • 2

    Keenan's Irish Pub in Wildwood

    I've never been. I'm Italian. But hey according to Uber, it's apparently a hot spot for the summer down the shore!

  • 3

    Princeton Bar & Grill in Avalon

    This lively bar & grill in south jersey features American bites with a seafood focus, plus DJ nights! Obviously a SJ favorite.

  • 4

    Maynard's Cafe in Margate

    Literally. I went out in Atlantic City last weekend, and in the process of making conversation with my Uber driver, I asked "where's everyone headed tonight" and she responded, "Omg Maynard's...Line out the door"

  • 5

    Tomatoe's Restaurant and Bar in Margate

    I guess this is where the overflow from Maynard's goes considering they're right next to each other...

  • 6

    Steve & Cookies by the Bay in Margate

    Honestly, I've never been. But you had me at cookies! Even though it's an oyster bar...

  • 7

    Ocean City Boardwalk

    UGH my childhood past time! Not only is the ferris wheel the staple of summer, but if you didn't come home with a hermit crab and a lifeguard sweater, then did you really even go down the shore?

  • 8

    Fantasy Island Amusement Park LBI

    This place seemed a lot more intense when I was younger, but hey the kids still love it according to the Uber result!

  • 9

    Bally's Beach Bar in Atlantic City

    Trust me, you NEED an uber if you're going to this place. Those rum buckets are crazy!!!!

  • 10

    Ventura's Green House in Margate

    Boy is this a great place to go off the beach. You can drink and stare at palm tree's and a giant elephant while ordering your next uber!

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