For the over 13,000 Uber drivers in the state of New Jersey, a retirement savings plan is now in the works.

Uber drivers are considered contract workers, however, some drivers have voiced concerns about retirement benefits for their employment.

Uber decided to try a retirement program for their drivers in four areas, New Jersey is one of them.

The drivers have free access to Betterment, an automated investment service, for a year in which to open a retirement account and begin saving.

According to, Uber hopes to expand the service,

"We are uniquely suited to deliver (financial advice to Uber drivers in the four test cities) and to scale," said Jon Stein, the CEO and founder of Betterment. After the pilot in New Jersey, Seattle, Miami, and Boston, the companies hope to roll it out to all Uber drivers.

"We want to deliver better retirement to everybody. ... (It's a) great benefit for the drivers," he said.


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