Did you go broke from back-to-school shopping? No problem. You can win up to $5,000 three times a day with the Cat Ball Cash Jackpot! It's your chance to win cash on Cat Country. Listen three times each weekday to hear the cash codes: 7:20am, 11:20am, and 4:20pm. Find details and rules here.

If you win, the question then becomes, how do you spend the dough?! You could save it to spend on your holiday shopping, but if bills, student loans, etc. aren't enough, we have some suggestions for you. Spoiler alert: it's all on food and fun fall experiences. Enjoy!


  • 1

    327 Mack's Pizzas

    If you're chosen as the winner of the Cat Ball Cash Jackpot's $5000, you could drop it on 327 of Mack's famous plain pizza pies on the Wildwood boardwalk. Hope you're hungry!

  • 2

    66 Night Of Terror Combo Passes

    Halloween is right around the corner. If you win the 5k, you could purchase 66 combo passes for Creamy Acres famous Night Of Terror Halloween attractions!

  • 3

    277 Tickets To Ghost Tours of Ocean City

    Keeping with the Halloween theme, you could also purchase 277 tickets to the Ghost Tours in Ocean City! Take a spooky stroll through the historic section of Ocean City and witness the resort town in a whole new light.

  • 4

    Over 1400 Packs of Pork Roll

    Who doesn't love pork roll, egg, and cheese on a bagel? You can have them for every meal if your score the $5k! The average price of a pack of Taylor Ham is $3.39, which means you could purchase 1,474 packs.

  • 5

    Pick 3,012 Pints of Blueberries

    Make some room in your freezer because if you win the $5000, you could head to Hammonton and pick yourself over 3,000 pints of fresh blueberries! Blueberry pie, Blueberry a la mode, blueberry EVERYTHING! It can be yours. Just listen at 7:20, 11:20, and 4:20 every day starting 9/13!

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