It's time for another #DailyDoseofGood on Cat Country Morning's with Joe and Rachel, and Rachel Marie has to give a shout out to recognize The Atlantic City High School NJ-ROTC Unit! 

Christy L. Feehan via Go Fund Me
Christy L. Feehan via Go Fund Me

These amazing young adults have been invited to compete in the National Competition in Pensacola, Florida!  The High School's drill team consists of 43 cadets who will compete against 30 teams from across the country TODAY (April 7th) and TOMORROW (April 8th) to represent Atlantic City, Atlantic County, New Jersey and Region 4 of the NJROTC.  These dedicated, hard working students from the Atlantic County area are the best ACHS has to offer with scholastic and physical competition. They've earned the invitation through hard work and dedication, while maintaining high academic standards, and would DEFINITELY appreciate a chance to shine at the National Competition!

So here's how we can help them out: Be sure to listen to Cat Country Mornings with Joe and Rachel at 5am-10am to hear Rachel Marie's Daily Dose of Good! You can also take a quick trip to their Go-Fund-Me Page for more information on how YOU can donate, and help raise funds for travel expenses/ extra support!

In just over a month, the unit has raised over $12,000! But no need to stop there!

You can also help out our Cat Country Community and the students of ACHS NJROTC by commenting, liking and sharing this page.  Help spread the word and help get our cadets to the competition to represent South Jersey!

If you know someone out there who is in need of a little EXTRA dose of good, shoot us a message on our Facebook Page!

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