Over the weekend, a Nationwide movement occurred that gave Americans the chance to spark a change. Gun violence has been a reoccurring issue, yet has taken much prominence in the states since the start of 2018. In which case, following the school shooting in Parkland Florida--the nation has finally had enough and have embarked on a mission called "March for Our Lives" in an effort to establish some sort of Gun Control.

The main event was held in Washington, DC over the weekend, however; folks here in South Jersey stood in solidarity and brought the attention to Ocean City where they continued to march.

The local walk was orchestrated by EHT Senior, Emily McGrath (17) and lead by other classmates. According to the Press of Atlantic City,

The event had several speakers, including candidates for New Jersey’s 2nd District seat in Congress, politicians, school board and community members.

The walk consisting of students, teachers, parents, grandparents and all sorts of generations, began on 5th street on the boardwalk and carried all the way to Ocean City High School.

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