Last night, the longest relationship I've ever in my LIFE, ended. After 7 long years, I had bittersweet closure with Freeform's TV Series of Pretty Little Liars... and I couldn't be more conflicted.

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If you are/were a follower of the show:

  1. Claps for you because we all know how excruciating that was
  2. You know the immense confusion and frustration #PLL fans have felt for almost a decade.

If you weren't a follower of the show, or you WERE but then gave up after season 4 like most of the world, then:

  1. Shame on you, sorta (I don't really blame you.) 
  2. You're gonna have to catch up on your own time because I still can't even comprehend what the heck went down in order to explain it to you.

In which case, I decided to document the series of questions I had throughout the FINAL Episode last night, which finally revealed all the secrets behind "A" and "AD"

After a live Twitter vent session, I officially have 7 new twitter followers, 20 retweets, 52 new Twitter likes, and lots of answers.

I thought I was kind of amusing.

Below I've documented my thought process below, but BE WARNED:

(P.S. please ignore any grammar/spelling mistakes. It was late, way past my bed time, and emotions were frantic and high)


But just when you thought my brain was done piecing things together, one final question hit me this morning at 5:30am...

But my new Twitter family came to my rescue and put all of my heart and soul at ease

@RM_OnAir via
@RM_OnAir via


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What's the longest relationship you've ever had? And with what? #RIPPLLandRachel

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