I don't know about you, but my phone has been BLOWING up with telemarketers.  Lately, I've been blocking the numbers. But maybe letting them go through wasn't such a bad idea after all...

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If you're like me and have gotten one of those annoying phone calls from telemarketers saying that you won a "free cruise", then you may be entitled to $300 for each call you received, with a maximum of $900 per phone line!

Apparently, a  class action lawsuit was filed by Philip Charvat against Resort Marketing Group, Inc. According to Top Class Actions:

"The lawsuit claims the company violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act when they made automated telephone calls to consumers on cell phone and land lines to offer a free cruise with Carnival Corporation, Royal Caribbean Cruises and others."

Now I wasn't totally sure if I've ever received one of these calls. So just to double check, I looked up my number here--where you can either file your claim, or simply search your number to see if it's affiliated with the settlement.

If your number is affirmative as a part of the suit, you will be prompted to fill out a claim form that needs to be submitted by November 3, 2017.

So you bet your bottom dollar that I filed my claim when the site told me that my number was a part of the settlement! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Bring on the cash money!!! $$$

Maybe now I can go on a real cruise....

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