We are giving you the chance to win cash!

It's our Double Dollars contest, and the top prize is $10,000!

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Listen to Cat Country 107.3 every workday starting at 8:20 am for the secret code word, when you get it, open up the Cat Country 107.3 APP and enter it for your shot at winning a $2,000 daily prize! (Don't have our APP? It's free and easy to download.)

We'll have code words at 20 minutes past the hour from 8:20 am through 5:20 pm, Monday through Friday. For your best chance to win, grab all the codes!

All the details and rules are here.

Naturally, when you win, it's your money to do with what you please: pay bills, take vacations, share the wealth with family and friends - it's up to you.

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We, however, have come up with some rather unique ideas for you to spend that money right here in New Jersey!

*Tickets (well, discounted tickets) for Great Adventure for you and 249 of your best friends!

*249 Whole Sicilian Pizzas at Manco and Manco Pizza in Ocean City!

*You can take 800,000 of your closest friends to the Cape May Zoo! (Actually, that's a lie - zoo admission is still free - but, encourage your friends to each toss a few dollars in the donation bucket as they head into the park.)

Here's what some people on Facebook said the would do with the money:

BRIAN: A quick fun week in the Key's and a St Judes donation!

LAUREN: Pay bills, help some people out.

JENI: Catch up on bills then plan a vacation with my family

KAREN: Student loans.

ROSEANN: Take a month off work, I am in the medical field. Worked all threw the pandemic I need a long vacation

ANDREW: Derby cars n parts.

We had Celeste, a professional shopper and owner of Shopping By the Shore on the Cat Country Morning Show, and she provided some ideas as well:


Good Luck! We hope yoe win cash on Cat Country 107.3!

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