This happened several weeks ago, and it is only now that I am able to tell the story, without getting sick to my stomach.

For the last 15 plus years, I've enjoyed Chinese takeout from the same local restaurant. While I won't name the place, you know the type of place. Chinese and cooking stations right behind the counter.

Every couple of weeks, I've frequented the same place, ordering pretty much the same food.

It was always filling, always good.

And the it happened.

Shortly after getting home with the big bag of goodness, I started spooning out some General Tao's chicken. That's when...... some sort of bug with wings hurtled itself from my serving spoon to the kitchen counter, right next to my plate.

There was a quick moment of "what the heck was that?"

That moment was immediately followed by the thought, "So, do I just eat it, anyway?"

That moment was quickly followed by some sort of bucking and heaving inside my stomach - kind of announcing that it would not accept this food in any way, shape or form.

It was then I realized that it was over..... my relationship with Chinese takeout was over. I reluctantly picked up the phone and dialed the number - #4 on my speed dial. I told them what happened....the woman apologized in broken English.... and asked if I would like them to make something else for me.

"Um, no," I said. "I'd just like my money back." They agreed, I threw my shoes on and returned the food -  and, they reimbursed me.

As I walked out into the night, the proprietor gave me the traditional send off: "OK. Come again!"

I think not.

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