Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Chelsea. I am 26 years old and I like long walks on the beach. I also love both dogs and cats, I have a cowboy boot collection, and I still call my parents mommy and daddy. Is that a deal breaker?

Yes, I am a 26 year old grown woman who still refers to her parents as mommy and daddy. To be honest, I will probably always call them that no matter what anyone thinks. I tried looking up some sort of survey or expert opinions on the matter. All that turned up were a few blogs. This did not help my case as to whether or not it was creepy. The worst thing I could've done and did do was look through comments on a Reddit post, which I think was only my third time on Reddit.

The comments on Reddit made me have a slight complex. Not enough for me to stop saying it, but enough to think for a brief second and question "am I weird?"

One user wrote: "I had a buddy (in his 20s) who had two brothers (in their 20s/30s) and they all referred to their mother as Mommy. It was bizarre until you realized she had complete control over their lives, at which time it just became creepy." Another wrote, "I remember sitting in 1st grade and a kid was telling some story about his "mommy." To this day I can still remember just how [weird] it sounded and why anyone would still call their parents that."

To my relief the second user spelled "weird" wrong and I had to edit it, so that made me feel a little better.

I tried to find any scholarly papers on the matter, but they don't exist. This led me to the conclusion that no one actually cares. I call my dad daddy when talking with him on a pretty frequent occasion. When I talk to my bothers I almost always refer to him as daddy. I very seldom refer to my mom as mommy when speaking with her. However, just like in my dad's (or daddy's) case, I almost always call her mommy when talking to my brother.

So now, internet, I leave it to you. Judge me. Is it weird that I still use the words mommy and daddy as a 26-year-old? It's okay you can be brutal, I can take it.

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