Sorry, not sorry. That probably sounds harsh, but I know I'm right.

Today, June 1st, is National Go Barefoot Day. Summer's officially arrived here in South Jersey, so we're about to see a bunch of flipflops and naked feet for the next few months. If you're someone that's revolted by the sight of toes, then let me just say, today is, most definitely, not your day.

I have no problem with feet. I don't have a foot fetish or anything like that, but I'm not grossed out by them. I do, however, notice when people's feet are looking a little rough. That being said, nobody wants to see your nasty, crusty, not taken care of feet if they're freaky looking. You know whether or not your feet are weird. For example, I have long toes. That's the end of the list for me. Well, if you'd like to count the fact that I have a dancer's arch that would make the top prima ballerina jealous, then THAT would be the end of the list. Other than that, my feet aren't too grotesque.

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Some people though, sheesh..... do something about those monstrosities. Nobody wants to be walking the boards on a nice afternoon stroll only to look down and see obnoxiously gross and overgrown toenails walking right next to them. Can everyone enjoy the sand between their toes? Sure. Those of you that know you're feet are creepy, here's your advice to keep those suckers buried.

On another note, today's also meant to be one during which you take a deep dive through your closet and donate any shoes you haven't worn for a while. We all have a couple pairs we know could go to a new home, right? Well, go barefoot and give back!

**It's a shame we even have to include a disclaimer, but if you can't take a joke, your feet are probably the ones that belong in the sand.**


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