According to New Jersey residents, three towns in the Garden State stand out for having the best restaurants.

There are so many towns with outstanding restaurants in New Jersey, and we asked Garden State residents a difficult question. We asked you to name the town you thought had more great restaurants than any other town in our state.

Which New Jersey Town Has More Great Restaurants Than Any Other?

We asked the question over several social media platforms, and, as always, there was no shortage of opinions when food is the topic in New Jersey.

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We tallied up all your votes, and while dozens of towns were mentioned, we were able to narrow it down to the top 3 towns for great restaurants in New Jersey. Two of the towns are not surprisingly North Jersey towns.

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The town that got the third most votes is Asbury Park. The Jersey Shore town has been thriving for years now and has become known as a foodie town with great restaurants like Moonstruck, Porta, and Taka.

The Top Two Best Restaurant Towns In New Jersey

The town that came in second place from your votes is Montclair. Turtle & The Wolf, daPepo, and Labrotorio Kitchen are just some of the amazing choices that make Montclair a dinner destination.

No town got more of your votes for the town with the most amazing restaurants than Newark. Fornos of Spain, Don Pepe Restaurant, and Sol Mar Restaurant are just the tip of the iceberg for fine dining in New Jersey's top restaurant town.

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