A recent article came out that had the best 250 towns in America for pizza and 6 New Jersey towns made the Top 250, what? just 6 towns? Jersey has the best pizza in the nation so shouldn't there be more? Like maybe 100 of the top cities?


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In a recent Patch article, they examined a study done by pizello.com that ranked the top U.S. pizza towns. The towns were ranked according to their average Google review score. As we mentioned 6 of the top towns were here in New Jersey.

#58 Newark

#68 Elizabeth

#122 Jersey City

#175 Camden

#212 Clifton

#240 Paterson

By the way, #1 in America was New York City. "The legacy of pizza in New York also cannot be ignored. It's home to America's first pizzeria, Lombardi's, which fired up its ovens in 1905. This long-standing tradition means that New York doesn’t just make pizza; it lives and breathes pizza. This is evident in the generations of family-owned pizzerias that dot the cityscape, each with its own story and a secret recipe that's a slice of New York's history."




So what town in the Garden State would you put on the list? We all have our favorite pizzeria, usually close to home. We "go to" this spot for our favorite pizza. What's your favorite pizzeria? What is your favorite pie? Do you try several types whenever you order out, or do you have a certain pie you usually get? I don't think we have a favorite "type" but we do have a certain pizzeria that is our "go-to". Post your pizza comments below and share any recommendations you may have :)


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