After closing every one of its stores over the summer, Buybuy Baby is reversing course, reopening almost a dozen of them throughout New Jersey.

Why Buybuy Baby Closed in the First Place

Amid the bankruptcy of the baby retailer's parent company Bed Bath & Beyond, the investment company Go Global had expressed serious interest in purchasing Buybuy Baby. But that deal failed to go through because Go Global's offer wasn't "viable," CNN reports. Another potential buyer reportedly pulled out of an auction due to devaluation.

Google Maps; Thinkstock; Canva
Google Maps; Thinkstock; Canva

While swooped in to keep Bed Bath & Beyond alive online, time eventually ran out for an investor to save the Buybuy Baby brick-and-mortar stores.

A company called Dream on Me Industries had also expressed interest in taking ownership of Buybuy Baby's intellectual property, according to CNBC, but failed to do so.

The Update

But the chain does in fact now have a new owner, according to, and Buybuy Baby's new parent company believes parents would still rather see baby/kids items (clothes, furniture, etc.) in person instead of just shopping online.

What SJ Location Has Reopened?

Having said that, the Buybuy Baby store in the Ellisburg Circle Shopping Center off Route 70 in Cherry Hill has officially reopened.

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The Future of Buybuy Baby

100 more locations will eventually reopen across the county, reports, almost a dozen here in NJ. We'll keep you posted regarding the fate of the Deptford store.

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