The chief of a New Jersey-based rescue group is in need of rescue himself as he remains trapped in a cave outside Turkey.

According to ABC News, 40-year-old Mark Dickey, the chief of New Jersey Initial Response Team (and reportedly an experienced 'caver') has been unable to free himself from a cave in Morca in Europe's Taurus Mountains region.

Dickey reportedly became unwell during an exploration 3,400 feet down in the cave and hasn't managed to reach the surface. He's been down in the cave since August 31st.

In a statement, NJIRT says Dickey was fronting a cave expedition when he began experiencing intestinal issues "that rapidly progressed into life-threatening bleeding and vomiting."

The irony of his situation? New Jersey Initial Response Team specializes in cave/mine rescues. If it could happen to him, this could happen to anyone. However, he's in the exact right hands to set him free.

Dickey is also reportedly an instructor with the National Cave Rescue Commission, so it sounds like rescue missions like the one he's currently at the center of make up all if not most of his life.

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Although doctors have been able to get Dickey fluids and other medical supplies to try and keep him stable, he's yet to be freed from the cave, but his rescue has become an international endeavor, ABC News reports.

Rescue experts/teams from the U.S., Croatia, Italia, Poland, Slovenia, and even the Turkish military are involved.

So far, a GoFundMe page established to assist in the rescue has raised more than $47,000.

We'll keep you posted as more information on the rescue of Mark Dickey becomes available.

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