Have you heard? There's a new Giant Pacific Octopus at Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ, according to a press release from the aquarium. People are lining up to see him.

The octopus is male

Notice I'm calling the octopus "him"...it's a male octopus and Adventure Aquarium recently asked the public to vote on a name for him.

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The public voted on a name for the Giant Pacific Octopus

After many votes, the newest addition to the aquarium is now named Phantom.

Does the name fit him? What do you think? I think it's perfect.

Adventure Aquarium/canva
Adventure Aquarium/canva

The name Phantom was inspired by a once-popular Broadway show. The octopus has a white scar near his eye, so he kind of looks like the Phantom of the Opera. See it?

Don't worry, the scar doesn't hurt him or impair his vision at all, it just makes him look tough, or cute, or cool, you decide.

If you are not familiar with the Giant Pacific Octopus, the Adventure Aquarium filled me in with some fun facts.

Adventure Aquarium/canva
Adventure Aquarium/canva

- It is the biggest of its species and has an arm span that measures up to 16 feet.

- They weigh around 100 pounds.

- Their skin contains special cells called Chromatophores which gives them the ability to change colors really fast to blend into their surroundings (I wish I could do that. Ha ha.)

- They are color blind, even though they do the whole color changing thing.

To learn even more, click here.

Phantom is in Zone D

If you're going to visit Adventure Aquarium to check him out, Phantom is in Zone D.

I can't wait to bring my family to see him. It's not everyday you get to see an Octopus. I have to admit, this is not how I pictured an octopus. I guess I thought they looked like the cartoon versions, with a bigger head. Ha ha.

Adventure Aquarium has more than 15,000 aquatic animals. There are interactive touch exhibits, you can get up-close with some of the animals, it has the biggest collection of sharks in the Northeast, and the longest shark bridge in the world.

Grab tickets by clicking here.

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