They might not be as bad as the spotted lanternflies from 2020-2022 or the fruit flies that seem to be taking over the Garden State this year. But, let me tell you this: if you accidentally squish one of these ugly little nasties, you'll regret it.

Honestly, you'll probably regret it for HOURS, too.


I'm talking about stink bugs.

Yeah, they're pretty nasty. They're nasty looking, they sound terrifying when buzzing around your head, but the worst part is, quite obviously, their smell. You won't pick up a scent while they're just flying around you. It's not until you swat one that you'll realize your grave mistake.

No, don't worry -- you won't die. Your nose might make you think something did, though.

Photo by charliewarl on Unsplash
Photo by charliewarl on Unsplash

Since the weather is getting cooler, the stink bug will be on the hunt for somewhere warm to wait out the temperatures. The folks over at Better Homes and Garden explain that the Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs hibernate and then reemerge in spring. If you find one in your garage or shed, just know it's NEVER alone. If there's one, most likely there are hundreds, perhaps thousands. This specific species of stink bug doesn't hibernate alone. Apparently, once they find a spot they like, they release a chemical that attracts more of them to it.

Nasty, right?

A way to deter them from entering your spaces is to seal up the cracks in windows, doors, siding, any where that they can get in. If they do find a way in, don't crush it. The scent will linger for quite a while. Instead, scoop it up and take it outside.

That's your best best.


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