Let’s start this out with an unbelievable public service announcement. I know it may be hard to believe, but sharks live in the ocean. Crazy right? Even here in New Jersey, sharks are just lurking and eyeing us down. Now that we got that mind-blowing news out of the way, let’s get this story started.

As if it was making a commercial for Shark Week that kicks off in just a few weeks, your friendly neighborhood shark got a little too close for comfort to some swimmers. As an old man yells at kids to get off his front lawn, the shark's mere presence scared off some Ocean City beach-goers Wednesday afternoon.

The ocean temperatures have been warmer than average, which as a result is bringing the marine life closer to the shore. Yes, this includes Bruce.


While seeing a pod of dolphins nearby may spark joy for the crowds, their sharp-toothed friends sometimes have the opposite effect.

Fox 29 spoke with two beachgoers who witnessed the ominous fin Wednesday at the 7th Street beach in Ocean City. Jake Chipkin and Megan Willgoos were taking photos of the beach on Willgoos’s phone when they noticed the fin. They approached the lifeguards, who had already noticed the shark in its natural habitat, and called people out of the water.

This was not the only shark in the area, “One Ocean City beach patrol lifeguard told FOX 29 News off camera that there were two sharks spotted at 15th Street beach.”

Maybe they were trying to have a meeting or something?

Lifeguards assured reporters that most of the time these sharks pose little to no threat, “...that small sand sharks are fairly common this time of year and they’re not typically aggressive.”

10 Ocean City beaches were cleared on Wednesday following the incident. They were labeled as “marine life scares.” These “scares” could even mean dolphins are a little too close to shore, they are not limited to sharks alone.

Source: Fox 29

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