Week 3 is here!

To summarize week 2 in a nutshell - Joe won. It's not even worth going into detail because he crushed me. It's okay, though. I'm coming for you this week, Joe! We both picked correctly for last night's game, both betting that the Browns would be victorious. Go us!

Here's the match-ups for week 3:


Check out our winning picks for week 3!

Joe Kelly's Week 3 Winning Picks:

- Browns
- Falcons
- Packers
- Eagles
- Cowboys
- Patriots
- Cardinals
- Vikings
- Dolphins
- Broncos
- Panthers
- Texans
- Titans
- Chiefs
- Rams
- Buccaneers

Jahna Michal's Week 3 Winning Picks:

- Browns
- Falcons
- Packers
- Eagles
- Vikings
- Dolphins
- Ravens
- Panthers
- Texans
- Jaguars
- Chiefs
- Rams
- Seahawks
- Bears
- Patriots
- Steelers

Last week was disappointing for those of us who bleed green, which in this area I would hope is most of us! The birds just weren't able to move the ball. To be honest, it looked like they couldn't do much of anything on either side of it. Hopefully, after this week's game against the Colts, we'll be back to singing #DillyDilly at the top of our lungs. It should be interesting to say the least because of the return of Carson Wentz.

Go get 'em, boys! Fly, Eagles, Fly!



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