We are just about a month away from the final season of Game of Thrones and I think it is time we sit down and talk about the character everyone obsesses over, Jon Snow. Since day one, both women and men alike swooned over the curly-haired man. Everyone either wanted the bastard son or wanted to be him. As an avid watcher of GoT, I have never understood the obsession.

As I re-watch the series, I am reminded why I hated John for most of the show. In the first few episodes Jon was bearable. The scenes Kit Harington had with Maisie Williams (Arya) are quite heartwarming. Once John left Winterfell, my feelings towards his character quickly changed. He became arrogant, prideful, his ego was intolerable, and the chip on his shoulder was unbecoming. Until his death (spoilers) and resurrection (again spoilers) he was one of my least favorite characters.

From the moment Jon got to the wall, his head was so big I feared he wouldn't fit through a door. He legitimately yelled out that he thought he was better than all of the rest.

Ygritte was the best thing to happen to that man, she put him in his place.

Jon threw a hissy-fit when he was named Lord Commander Mormont's steward. Yet again his pride and ego were in full force. He felt that he was better than everyone else and that being a steward was beneath him. Jon threw more temper-tantrums than Jofrey, and yes you can quote me on that.

Snow was so desperate to be the hero throughout the better part of GoT it was pitiful. He always felt the need to prove himself, to show everyone that he was better than everyone else. It was just so exhausting. The best thing to happen to Jon was his death. I did not shed a tear for Jon when he died. I know, I'm heartless. Between the impact the wildlings had on him and his death Jon changed. With that my feelings did too.

Jon has moved himself up on my list, especially during the previous season. While he may not be in my top 5, actually I don't think he even breaks my top 10, but he's not way down on the bottom like he was before. Plus, I've been more of a Gendry fan when it comes to looks.

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