Another country legend has stepped up to take on the ALS ice bucket challenge. Although Kenny Rogers wanted to donate instead of doing the actual challenge, his kids gave him a big, cold surprise!

"My guess is everybody knows by now Lionel Richie publicly challenged me to the ALS foundation ... what is it called? Ice water challenge," he says in the video. "I have no need for that so I'm gonna donate $1,000 to the charity because I think it's such a great charity."

Even though he decided to donate money instead of doing the challenge, he did pass on some nominations of his own. Rogers nominated Steve Doocy from Fox News, Garth Brooks (who has already completed the challenge) and another country legend and Rogers' "buddy" -- Dolly Parton. Now that is one challenge we can't wait to see.

"How much fun is that gonna be?" Rogers asks in his chair which appears to be outside his mansion. "I have to tell you something as much as I love this foundation, I'd rather send money because I personally don't like cold water. I don't even drink cold water."

That's when Rogers got an icy cold surprise! His twins, Justin and Jordan come into the frame with a big gray bucket of ice water and pour it right over the singer's head. The videographer laughs as Rogers is soaking wet and the kids exclaim, "Happy birthday!"

"Oh, this is my birthday!" Rogers says who appears to be a good sport about the whole incident. It is indeed. Happy 76th to Mr. Rogers.

You're up, Parton!

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