Surf 'til the sun goes down, kids!

They most certainly are thanks to Cindy and Bob Fertsch who started the non-profit Heart of Surfing back in 2014. Cindy and Bob have a child with special needs and saw just how much he loved getting out on the water each and every weekend. Their son Jamie was diagnosed with autism as a toddler.

Bob's a fervent surfer, so he began taking Jamie out on the water at a really young age. Cindy told that they didn't necessarily expect him to become this insanely skilled pro surfer. They just saw how much fun he'd always have. Cindy realized that she and her husband could bring the happiness their son felt on the waves to special needs children all over South Jersey. Just like that, Heart of Surfing was born.

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Cindy says the goal isn't to make pro-surfers out of these kids, rather to give them a "positive experience" out on the water. One the most recent surf outings took place in Ocean City at 57th Street beach. One family in attendance reportedly drove all the way from Edison so the children could catch some waves.

Heart of Surfing fulfilled a need in South Jersey. Before Heart of Surfing came about, there weren't any surf camps that catered to special needs kids. Now, parents have an opportunity to get their children acclimated to the ocean waters in a safe environment that allows them to flourish all while having the time of their lives.

Heart Of Surfing travels up and down the shores of Atlantic and Cape May Counties, giving these children a chance to experience a number of South Jersey's beaches from June through early September. To get more information about Heart of Surfing and where they'll be next, click HERE.


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