You can sit there and scream that college is about "education" until you're blue in the face. There's no way you're convincing me that half of the majors students are studying won't really get them anywhere in the real world.

Believe me, I should know.

I went to college to study Radio/TV/and Film. Believe it or not, I feel like I was one of the lucky ones that received a great foundation on which to build my career. I won't lie, though.... most of what prepared me for my career in radio came from my internships. Was college necessary? Sure, but only because I needed the network to secure my internships for college credit.

Now that I'm almost a decade out of my undergraduate study program, I can tell you that I firmly believe college isn't necessary for more than half of the jobs students acquire upon graduating. If you're studying science, medicine, pre-law, education, those are fields that should require a college degree. The rest of them... totally unnecessary.

Your time spent away at college isn't just about academics, though, is it? It's about learning how to live independently from your family. It teaches you how to grow up and take care of yourself. For many students, the first time they enter the workforce is when they're enrolled in higher education.

ALL students (or, most of them) look forward to the one aspect of college that has them daydreaming their days away by the end of the summer: college parties. Not every single college party is created equal. The same can be said for the colleges at which these parties are thrown. If you're a student looking to have a GREAT time during your college years, then you're probably enrolled at one of the best party schools New Jersey has to offer.

According to a new survey, the top 3 party schools in all of New Jersey are as follows:

1.) Rutgers - New Brunswick

Google Street View/Canva
Google Street View/Canva

The mother of all schools! Rutgers Main Campus takes the crown for the title of "Best NJ Party School." No surprise there, right?

2.) Rowan University

Google Street View/Canva
Google Street View/Canva

Of course, 2nd place is Rowan University right in Glassboro, about 20 minutes outside of Philly. A bit more rural than New Brunswick, Rowan has a really solid community with a lot more room for kids to spread out. A lot of kids live off-campus. You know what that means, right? A lot more house parties to attend.

3.) Rutgers - Newark

Google Street View/Canva
Google Street View/Canva

Rounding out the top three is Rutgers in Newark. There is plenty of fun to be had, but with less people in attendance, it's no wonder it couldn't inch its way into the top 2.

Check out the list of ALL the party schools New Jersey has to offer HERE.


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