A South Jersey restaurant is trying to fight back against some bad customers by posting photos on Facebook.

The Pic-A-Lilli Inn of Shamong has posted photos of some customers who came up very short in paying off their dinner check recently.  According to their post, the owners of the restaurant say 3 customers came in and ordered more than $80 worth of food, but they quickly left the restaurant, leaving behind just $28.

The post states,

We are so fortunate to have so many great customers, but it never fails to pull us all down when people feel ok, walking out & not paying. It's crushing to those that continue to work hard everyday, for every penny. Any information about any of these 3 people would be greatly appreciated.


Thus far, the post has been shared over 2,200 times.

Back in April, a Galloway restaurant took the Facebook route to try to catch some people who skipped out on a check, and recently, a local turf business has posted on Facebook, attempting to track down some vandals.

(The photos included in this story are from the restaurant's Facebook page. We have no way of knowing if the people in the photos are the actual people described in the alleged incident.)

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