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JM for TSM

Cat Country 107.3 has teamed up with the Pic-A-Lilli Inn in Shamong to find some hot honeys! The Pic Hot Honey of the Week should be someone who has a huge heart, loves to have a good time, but also and most importantly, has great interest in giving back to the less fortunate. If chosen as Pic's Hot Honey, some awesome prizes are set to come your way:

  • 1. Free beer and wings courtesy of the Pic-A-Lilli Inn on Route 206 in Shamong
  • 2. A feature (like this one) on the Cat Country 107.3 website, app, and social media pages
  • 3. A chance to give back to an awesome cause: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
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This week's PIC HOT HONEY OF THE WEEK title is awarded to: Deanna Forst of Little Egg Harbor!

Deanna is a mother and said it took a while for her to get her confidence back after having kids. Since she's a mom, she clearly has a soft spot for the young ones. Deanna submitted herself to be an inspiration for moms everywhere.

Deanna has a special message for all the beautiful mamas that might to be too nervous or self-conscious to submit themselves:

"I want to show the moms out there it is still possible to be sexy after having kids!"

Go ahead, mama! You ROCK!

JM for TSM, Canva


Thank you for submitting, Deanna! Congratulations again!

Want to be chosen at next week's Pic Hot Honey? Grab your friends and submit! Think about it... if you and all your friends win, that's a pretty awesome girls' night, wouldn't you say?? Click HERE to find out how!

JM for TSM


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