A Galloway Bar and Restaurant took to social media after a couple customers skipped out on their bill for all-you-can-eat crab legs.

Tailgaters Bar and Grille, on the White Horse Pike in Galloway had a couple women leave without paying their check the other day, stiffing the restaurant on their tab. Rather than making a police report, the restaurant's owner took to Facebook, looking to track down the crabby women.

Owner Ari Frangias told me, via Facebook messaging, that he didn't have a license plate number from their car, and "It was only $50. Life's too short."

What Frangias did, though, was take to Facebook with info that he had, plus security pictures of the women and their car. After hundreds of shares on Facebook, he received a call from a woman, claiming to be one of the diners. " they wouldn't give a name and said they'd send money.  Let's see what happens I guess."

What really impressed me was that one of his big concerns was for his waitress. He said  he's giving the waitress, Rachel,  a 20% tip from his own pocket. "Two people left and didn't want to pay.  Obviously there's something wrong with their thinking.  The server got stiffed on a $50 check. It's not the money... It's to have this stop from happening to us and anyone else in the industry.  People bust their asses running around for others and get treated like servants, not servers.  It's not right.  We made contact.  The server is getting her money regardless. "

Frangias added that as a thanks to customers, Tailgaters will have a $1 beer night tonight from 4-10pm. If you go, please pay your bill - and tip your waitress!

*For the record, we have no way of knowing if the women depicted in the security camera picture above are, in fact, guilty of anything.... No charges have been filed with police.


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