In this week's episode of Stupid in the USA....

Youtube's 'Brave Wilderness' star Coyote Peterson definitely isn't afraid to take risks. If you're familiar with the channel, then you know that statement is 100% accurate. Well, Animal Planet shared an interesting video to Facebook this week showing Peterson getting stung by a Japanese Hornet.... INTENTIONALLY.

Yep, he got stung on purpose. If the thought of getting stung by a giant wasp on purpose doesn't cause you to raise your eyebrows, maybe the fact the Japanese Giant Hornet's stinger is about a quarter inch long will. Upon doing some research, you'll discover that they KILL an average of 40 people per year! reports that even more are hospitalized. If you're stung by one of these things, you will absolutely need emergency treatment and FAST.

The Japanese Giant Hornet is extremely dangerous because it's venom causes damage to the human nervous system and tissue. If you get stung, the marks it leaves look like little craters all over your body. Japanese Giant Hornets are so aggressive that it reportedly only takes 30 of them to take out 30,000 honeybees. How insane??

So, what does it look like when a human gets stung by one of these suckers? Coyote Peterson answered that question for you. It's not pretty....

One word: OUCH.

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