Happy Cinco De Mayo!

If you're still operating under the impression that celebrating Cinco De Mayo means your honoring Mexican Independence Day, well, sorry to burst your bubble. Don't feel bad, though. That's a common misconception.

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Actually, Cinco De Mayo commemorates the Battle of Puebla that was fought between Mexico and France in which Mexico came out on top. This battle was the catalyst to Mexico finally getting the upper-hand against France, which would lead to the country eventually securing their freedom.

While the holiday's not celebrated on the same level in Mexico as it is here in the United States, it's still a fun way to pay homage to the culture of our neighbors to the south. It's evolved here in the United States into a way for people to gather, have fun, and appreciate the Mexican culture. In Mexico, however, it's not even a federal holiday. In fact, not much is done to celebrate besides a few military parades and battle reenactments.

People in the United States LIVE for Cinco De Mayo. That's all well and good as long as you're respectful in the way you celebrate. One thing's for sure: there will be a lot of tequila flowing today. Bring on all the margaritas and guacamole.

Can you ever really have too much guac, though?


Speaking of your Cinco De Mayo celebratory meal, have you decided whether you're eating burritos or tacos tonight? Play our game below and let it decide for you based on your South Jersey town!

JM for TSM via Canva
JM for TSM via Canva

Make sure you share with your results on Facebook or Twitter & encourage your friends to play, too!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Source: History.com

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