Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Most Americans actually have no idea what the true cause for celebration even is every fifth of May. It's a common misconception that Cinco De Mayo is Mexico's Independence Day. The holiday is actually a celebration of Mexico's victory in a battle against the French during the mid 1800s.

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The Battle of the Puebla is one that gave the Mexican Army the strong boost of confidence that many say is a strong reason for the turn of events that would six years later lead the French armies to pull out of the country. The Battle of the Puebla actually has nothing to do with Mexico's independence. Mexico actually achieved its independence from Spain, not France, in 1810.

Truth be told, Cinco De Mayo is not a huge celebration in Mexico like it is here. It falls under the same umbrella as the St. Patrick's Day celebrations here. Nobody in Ireland celebrates St. Patty's like we do here in America; same goes for Cinco De Mayo and Mexico.

So, while Cinco De Mayo is great for showing appreciation for the culture of our neighbors to the south, don't make the mistake of thinking you're taking part in a worldwide celebration. That's simply just not the case.

Cinco De Mayo celebrations are definitely welcome distractions from the current state of things here in the US, that's for sure. Most Americans will be celebrating in some way or another. According to a survey by National Today, most Americans are likely to celebrate by eating Mexican food and drinking margaritas. So, if you are celebrating Cinco De Mayo, and hopefully you are, you're super excited that it falls on #TacoTuesday this year!

What all have you done to celebrate so far?

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