Everyone's obsessed with the real-life Cinderella story that is embodied by Meghan Markle. Her whirlwind romance with Prince Harry lead to one of the most beautiful weddings of this decade. Hers is a story that's now been told time and time again in just the last twelve months alone.

Meghan Markle grew up in the suburbs of L.A. She would later score her dream acting job on the USA Network television series Suits as Rachel Zane. Her biggest role was yet to come, obviously, as she never expected to grow up to be a member of the British Royal Family.

Harry and Meghan met on a blind date in London that was set up by a mutual friend back in the summer of 2016. Fast forward to a year and half later, they announced their engagement. The two wed at Windsor Castle earlier this year.

The news broke early this morning that after only a few months of marriage, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now expecting their first child together. Not too bad for a California gal, huh?

People are fascinated by this couple because of the rebellious nature their relationship has in comparison to the rest of the Royal Family. For one, Meghan is American. Second, she's been married before. Third, she's the first member of the Royal Family to have non-European roots. Fourth, Meghan is extremely passionate about a wide array of social issues.

She and Harry make a beautifully modern royal couple. Congratulations on your pending bundle of joy!

Source: People.com


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