Just a few days have gone by since the announcement of the Royal Engagement between Britain's Prince Harry and American Actress Meghan Markle. And since Monday, the world STILL can't stop talking about it.

But just as girls around the world have began to lose faith in ever becoming a princess...this news has been released that could change our status forever:

YEAH, you heard that right! Sorority girls of the world UNITE--because Kappa Kappa Gamma's sister, Meghan Markle, is getting married!

And you know the moto: It's not just 4 years, it's FOR LIFE!

So as a Kappa sister--that not only makes us honorary members of the royal family, but maids of honor... right?!

It's gonna be a heavy bridal party but Kappa's REJOICE because we now (officiallyRULE.

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