A guard rail that's been damaged since 2019 in Middle Township is finally getting the attention it deserves from Parkway and township officials.

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Reportedly, the guard rail on the Southbound side of exit 9 on the Garden State Parkway had been damaged as a result of a crash that took place in 2019. It still sits there in the same condition it was after the accident as no action has yet been taken to repair the damage. Meetings were initially scheduled for earlier this year to address the damage, but the pandemic pushed all of those meetings to unforeseeable dates at the time.

Finally, engineers, turnpike officials, and representatives from the local municipality were able to meet to assess the damage which is now worse since more accidents have occurred in that spot. The plan is to tend to the section of guard rail that's plagued properties all around it as a result of the damage for quite a while now. It's important for those living in close proximity to the exit to feel safe when cars use the ramp. Since the damage was left unassessed for so long, neighbors reportedly became uneasy as their properties are at risk of even more damage if the issue isn't addressed in a timely manner.

The meeting took place earlier this month during which all parties took a look at the damage and formulated a plan to restore the guard rail. According to CapeMayCountyHerald.com, the 9 exit ramp itself is also instore for a few upgrades including some new lighting.

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