Well, kind of a new bar...

On April 2nd, Showboat will open their revamped 'Worship' bar as the new 'Worship Surf Bar.'  It's being promoted as an after-beach Boardwalk hangout.

Sounds good to me!

The new space is in the same place as the old 'Club Worship,' on the first floor of Showboat & located directly on the Boardwalk for easy access.  There will be an outdoor patio on the Boardwalk and 8 flat screen TV's inside playing Fuse TV.  Which, evidently is a surfer favorite.  They will also show all of the Phillies games throughout the summer.

The best part of this new place - -


Way to go Showboat!  The bar will even have a a rack for surfers to leave their boards.  Very cool.  I can't wait to go!  I'm not a surfer (thought I would like to learn..) but this place sounds great.

Oh and I should tell you about their drink specials - wait, drinks specials??  Oh yes, $3 Miller Light Drafts.  The menu will be unveiled soon, but expect things like Street Tacos, citrus marinated steak tacos & wings with different sauces.

Starting Memorial Day weekend, Worship Surf Bar will offer beach service for those unwilling to leave the beautiful sunshine.

I am super excited about this new bar.  There are not enough places to enjoy an adult beverage outside in Atlantic City.  Sometimes I think the casinos forget that most of them are actually on the beach!

Bravo Showboat, I'm pumped!