If you're a pet owner, then you know well the pain that usually follows after you see the vet bill hit your credit card.

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Here in South Jersey, our pets are our world. We'll do just about anything to keep them safe and healthy. I don't know about you, but sometimes freak accidents result in thousands of dollars out of your pocket to restore your animal's health. Within the first month or so of rescuing my dog, Mia, she got into a container of Ibuprofen and had to be rushed to the emergency veterinary hospital. She's as good as new now, but watching that $2000+ bill hit my statement wasn't exactly the happiest day of my life.

Still, all that mattered to me at the time was getting her well and fully recovered. I was lucky that I could afford a vet bill that high at the time.

Have you ever heard of Cuddly.com? It's a website that is, sort of, a GoFundMe, but for cats and dogs. People can read stories about various pets in their area and donate to their care. For empathetic dog owners and lovers like me, this is a BRILLIANT idea!

Cuddly's main goal is to give all animals a healthy and loving forever home. They support rescues and organizations with animals currently in their care that need significant help. In fact, there are a few dogs local to the South Jersey area that are currently listed on the site.

The first group of dogs is currently being cared for by an organization called 4 Paws Dog Rescue. Located in Newfield, they currently have a group of small pups that were severely impacted after being poisoned by rat poison. You can read their story HERE.

The second group of dogs are a group of adorable pit bulls in the care of Don't Bully Us Rescue based in Wenonah, Gloucester County. Some of these poor doggos are in bad shape. Their stories are heartbreaking. Find out more about the South Jersey pit bulls that need your help HERE.

Finally, a rescue based in Cherry Hill called Paws Give Me Purpose is using Cuddly.com to highlight the story of a little dog named Jewel whose family apparently abandoned her after they discovered she had cancer. More information about Jewel can be found HERE.

There are so many dogs in need of help, but the ones right here in South Jersey hit home and our heartstrings even more. To find out how you can get involved as well as take a look at all the dogs that are in desperate need of medical attention, you can head over to Cuddly.com.

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