On this National Women's Equality Day, we're taking a look at just how equal the Garden State is for the female gender.

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And, Spoiler Alert, we're not doing so hot, which is disappointing. In a ranking of the Best States for Women's Equality, New Jersey isn't the worst, but we're definitely not the best.

Sure, the 19th Constitutional Amendment was passed in 1920, making huge strides in the women's suffrage movement, including giving us the right to vote. But even 100 years later, we still have miles to go before reaching full equality to our male counterparts...a fact that's evident here in New Jersey.

Tim Mossholder/Unsplash
Tim Mossholder/Unsplash

Nevada, on the other hand, ranks #1 in a new study conducted by WalletHub, which compared the 50 states on more than a dozen indicators of gender equality, like the gap between female and male executives and the imbalance in unemployment rates for women and men.

Coming in at #2 is Hawaii, with Vermont ranked in third place. New York rounded out the Top 5, and our female friends to the south in Delaware fair pretty well, too. Delaware sits at #15. Pennsylvania comes in at #33.

New Jersey is closer to being one of the worst states for women's equality, ranked at #36. When looking at WalletHub's data breakdown, NJ is near the bottom of U.S. rankings for Largest Income Gap between men and women and the Largest Executive Positions Gap, according to WalletHub.

Source: WalletHub

It could be worse. Women are in a much worse position in Utah, which is ranked 50 out of all 50 United States.

Bottom Line: Women continue to be the disadvantaged gender. A fact only made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic when many were forced to stay home to oversee their children's virtual learning.

Jersey, we can do better.

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