New Jersey is home to a couple of hidden gems, but one was just ranked among the top 23 must-see hidden gems in the entire country!

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There are a bunch of really cool hidden gems in Jersey for example, one that always comes to my mind is Lucy the Elephant in Margate.

If you're not familiar, it's quite literally a giant elephant in the heart of the shore town Margate.

It's a pretty cool sight to see!

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Another truly unique hidden gem in New Jersey is Cowtown Rodeo in Pilesgrove Township.

It's been around for nearly 100 years and is a really neat place to visit, I'd highly recommend grabbing a picture with this larger-than-life cowboy.

Photo Credit: Buehler
Photo Credit: Buehler

But if you're looking for a truly unique little hidden gem in New Jersey that's suitable for all ages you don't need to look any further than Hamilton New Jersey, where a park there is garnering some national attention.

What Hidden NJ Gem Recently Made A National List?

I've never heard of this place before, but I'm adding it to my ever-growing list of New Jersey musts.

Tucked away in a 42-acre park is the Northeast's largest sculpture park; Grounds For Sculpture, and it is a sight to behold!

According to Only In Your State, two visits may never be quite the same since new sculptures are brought in regularly and not all displays are permanent.

The park opened in 1992 and was then opened to the public in 2000, and it features some pretty unique-looking works.

What's really nice is that the park uses a timed admissions system, so you'll never feel overcrowded as you enjoy the many art installations.

After all that art, you may start to get hungry in which case you could swing by the Rat Restaurant; the sculpture park's very own French Bistro.

Tickets to the park seem to run just under 30 dollars, and a reservation is highly recommended, which you can make on the Grounds For Sculpture website. 

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