Whether you call it 'Taylor Ham' or 'Pork Roll' (it's pork roll), you can't help but crave it on the weekends.

At least, that's when I really get in the mood for an awesome pork roll, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. Not that I wouldn't eat it during the week, it's just that I don't really have the time to prep a whole breakfast sandwich for myself Monday through Friday. Sometimes, at night, I'll make myself a pork roll grilled cheese sandwich. Those are GAME CHANGERS on busy weeknights. Pair it with a small cup of soup and you've got yourself a quick dinner of champions.

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Most Jerseyans don't really associate pork roll with dinner too often. I don't usually either. However, I somehow stumbled across a post within one of my Jersey-focused Facebook groups that left my mind completely blown. It featured a picture of a package of pork roll hot dogs. WHAT?!

Okay, a few questions here:

Who knew pork roll hot dogs were a thing?? I've certainly never seen them in my grocery store. Apparently, they're sold by a company called Loeffler's Gourmet based in Trenton. They're sold in stores within Mercer County, but don't expect to find them anywhere in South Jersey. You can order them online though, which is super convenient, however, they're currently listed as out-of-stock on their website. Bummer.

It's not certain whether or not the company is even still selling their deli products online since more than a few of their options are not in stock. I can only speak for myself when I say that I'll be on the lookout for when the pork roll hot dogs are restocked. At first, it wasn't clear whether or not they were still in business since they're out of so much on their website. However, upon further investigation including checking out their Facebook page, they're still open and hiring. So, fingers crossed that we'll be able to try these sooner rather than later.

Source: Facebook

Pork Roll is only ONE of the Jersey food staples you'd miss after moving away. Here's the COMPLETE list:

Would really miss NJ's food THAT badly if you were to move out of state? The answer to that question is a hard 'yes'. Yes, you would. Especially these nine items that aren't as good anywhere else.

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