If you’re going to throw a party at Chuck E. Cheese, you can leave the store-bought cake at the grocery store. The well-known TV and entrepreneur Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro is bringing a new line of signature cakes by the slice to the Chuck E. Cheese Fun Centers across the country.

“I am excited to join forces with Chuck E. Cheese, bringing some of my all-time favorite cake flavors straight to families all over the country,” said Valastro. “With our proprietary baking and shipping process, we can send our cakes to Chuck E. Cheese Fun Centers, fresh and delicious! This collaboration presents a perfect marriage of my passion for creating delicious desserts and the commitment by Chuck E. Cheese to providing fun, unique experiences. Together, we’ll bring a slice of happiness to every celebration.”

The cakes will be offered in three different flavors, Confetti, Vanilla Rainbow, and Chocolate Fudge.

I think this is a great option rather than bringing a regular birthday cake to your child’s party and having to worry about kids who may not like a certain flavor. This will add to the birthday experience at Chuck E. Cheese.

“Chuck E. Cheese is a premier destination for birthday parties and celebrations, so we are very excited to partner with Buddy V’s Cake Slide, bringing Buddy’s incredible cake craftsmanship to our guests,” said David McKillips, CEO of CEC Entertainment. "We believe this collaboration is a perfect match, as we hope to provide moments that spark joy and unforgettable memories, and we look forward to celebrating every occasion with cake!”

The big rollout starts this week. So, leave that cake in the store, our own Buddy V. has come to your rescue. Ok, that was dramatic, but you get the point.

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