I don't know about you, but I don't EVER remember a year when we had this many wildfires break out across the forests within the Garden State.

Not only did New Jersey residents have to deal with the repercussions of the Canadian wildfires this summer, but we also experienced the consequences of both the fires that broke out in Jackson Township, Ocean County, and in Bass River. Now, over 1500 acres of Wharton State Forest in both Camden and Burlington counties are currently burning and it just feels like New Jersey can't catch a break this year.

It's completely natural to question why. What gives? Why have so many of our forests caught fire this year compared to previous years?

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Apparently, New Jersey has been so susceptible to forest fires this year in particular due to a number of varying factors. For one, we've had longer periods of dry spells this year. Because it hasn't rained as often as it usually does here in the Garden State, everything is dry. The dryer the brush, the easier it can catch fire.

The heat doesn't help the problem.

Not only is it not raining as often, but this year's heatwaves have been lingering longer than usual, as well.

Does all of this have anything to do with climate change? New Jersey hasn't seen this many fires in one year in over a decade, at least. Experts say that while it can't be proven, climate change could be responsible for the forest conditions becoming a lot more favorable for an increased number of blazes.

The fact that we had such a dry winter doesn't help the situation, either. Here in Atlantic County, we had absolutely NO precipitation. Sure, it rained once in a while. No snow to speak of, though. A lack of precipitation combined with lingering heatwaves provide a perfect stage for wildfires to break out.

Hopefully, the Dragway Wildfire currently being battled is that last one we see here in Jersey for a while.

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