Unless you live in the Cherry Hill/Marlton/Medford area, you know how it is to not have some of your favorite grocery stores located anywhere even remotely close to you.

Look how long the people in Mays Landing, Egg Harbor Township, and those surrounding areas have been wishing, hoping, praying, and SCREAMING for a Trader Joe's to be built in the area. They're tired of having to travel 40+ minutes to stores like Whole Foods, Wegmans, etc.

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Healthy food is what everybody's after these days. The fresher, the better, right? That seems to be the consensus among suburban households here in the Garden State. When you don't have many local options to choose from, you'll settle for the healthier chain stores.

That's why the folks over in Gloucester County are STOKED for the announcement of a Sprouts coming to town. Sprouts Organic Farmers Market is a pretty well-known store these days for people who prioritize clean and healthy eating. The closest one is in Marlton.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Pretty soon, the folks in Gloucester, Camden, and the western-most parts of Atlantic County won't have to drive too far to take advantage of that specific brand.

It was announced that the West Deptford Sprouts location will open up shop in the Southwood Shopping Center off of Route 45.

Google Street View
Google Street View

For people familiar with that location, you'll remember that an Aldi had lived in the far right portion of the shopping center for a pretty long time. Now that Aldi has moved to downtown Woodbury, it creates a huge space for Sprouts to come and completely revamp the entire center.

That's what the plan is, too. The entire building will be updated in an effort to provide a modern shopping experience.

Check out the full list of plans for the Southwood Shopping Center HERE.

Source: 42Freeway.com

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