If it seems like Atlantic City can never go more than a few months without receiving widespread negative attention in the local, regional, and national media, you are correct.

The latest bruise on the city's recovering image appears in the form of a headline in the New York Times, 'The Mayor and the F.B.I. Raid: Atlantic City Is Stained Once Again.'

The Times article sheds some light on maybe why the FBI raided the home of Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam, Jr., just a few days ago, bringing to light unaccounted-for money that was raised at an inaugural gala for the mayor earlier this year. Just who donated big bucks and where that money went is apparently now on the front burner.

Oh, and if headlines of the mayor's home being raided by the FBI weren't enough, the Times also reminds its audience that Gilliam was allegedly involved in a fight outside of a casino night club within the past few weeks. One that was caught on video, of course.

"Under Mr. Gilliam, Atlantic City was supposed to be on the cusp of a fresh start after the collapse of the casino industry — fueled by competition from casinos in surrounding states — brought the city to the brink of bankruptcy," says the Times.

That "fresh start" is beginning to stink.

Anyway, The Times article, which we keep referencing because of the scope of that paper's coverage, reminds its readers of all of the trouble the city's leaders have found themselves in over the decades, and then with a nice big bow on it, introduces the story of a misdirected $10,000 check, which was the foundation of Gilliam's early days as mayor.

And just as the city comes off of a high of seeing two new casinos reopen within the past few months, national headlines are screaming about how the city hasn't really changed over the years.

And Atlantic City continues to run in circles.

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