Guess the old adage still holds true: "No good deed goes unpunished."

An NJ couple raised $400,000 for a homeless man via GoFundMe after he gave his last $20 to Kate McClure (Burlington County) for her to fill up after her car ran out of gas. The woman was so moved by the homeless man's compassion for her that she and her significant other started the page in the hopes that enough money would be raised to get him off the streets. Needless to say, more than enough money was raised to the tune of a cool almost half-million dollars.

How does the man repay the couple's act of kindness? He sues them. reports that the man is now claiming conspiracy and fraud after not having full access to the funds that were raised on his behalf.

The couple was appalled by the allegations and even went on NBC News' Megyn Kelly TODAY to confront them head on.


Hopefully, their good deed will win out in the end.


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