Food snobs have always known that we have the best food in the country. When it comes to pizza, seafood, bagels, delis, and haute cuisine, you know we’ve pretty much got them all beat.

But we’re pretty proud of our burgers too and this past week we celebrated national hamburger day. (Well, we didn’t actually celebrate it. You probably didn’t even know it existed.)

But to mark the auspicious occasion, Lawn Love put together a ranking of 2023’s best and worst burgers in the country.

They compiled a list of the country’s “best spots for burger lovers.” This doesn't necessarily mean where the burgers taste the best. It means you’re in the best position in these cities to find the best burger.

They took the 200 biggest U.S. cities and ranked them based on access to burger vendors, consumer ratings, and national recognition, among nine total metrics. (How do they come up with these things?)


Not surprisingly, big cities and foodie hubs — such as New York (No. 1), Boston (No. 5), and New Orleans (No. 13) made it to the top of the list.

I’m sorry to be the one to inform you, but a city in New Jersey ranked dead last of these 200 cities.

Paterson, NJ. They had a pathetic total score of .62 across all of these metrics.
And overall, Paterson’s ranking on the list was the 200th. Out of 200.

Just to compare, the number one ranked town, New York City, had an overall score of 66.92.

And, Paterson had the lowest average consumer rating for burgers. Which means not only is burger ACCESS poor, but once you actually get your hands on the burger, it’s just not good.

It’s not that Paterson doesn’t have a lot of other faults, but they really needs to step up their burger game. Because if they continue down the bad burger path, they’ll be bringing down our overall food reputation in the country.

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