Say it ain't so! The early 2000's brought a lot of questionable fashion trends that should stay in the past. I would argue that the early 2000's were the worst for fashion. When I look back at photos from this period of time I cringe at my outfit choices, especially wearing a skirt over jeans... Yes, the early 2000's were full of fashion mishaps. Even though 2000's should be left in the past with MTV's reality dating show Next, one unfortunate trend is creeping back in.

Trends from the 70's, 80's and 90's have been making a resurgence over the past few years. Corduroy has been brought back in the form of skirts and jackets, thank goodness scrunchies are back in style (they feel so much better than regular hair ties), and Caboodles are found at Target. However, a trend from the 2000's is sneaking in to much dismay. Welcome back the low-rise jean. UGH! I just have one question, WHY?

Yes. the awful and uncomfortable low-rise jeans have been peeping through here and there. Jennifer Lopez was seen wearing a pair of low-rise jeans that had what appeared to be a thong attached to them completing the infamous 2000's look. I am having painful flashbacks of seeing girls' underwear when they sat down in high school. Honestly, with low rise jeans it was unavoidable.

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The trend was talked about in an article by The Cut, the fashion section of New York Magazine, "...[D]enim trend forecaster Sam Trotman recently [said]...he expects low-rise jeans to be a key trend for 2020." We are only a year away from fashion doomsday. According to the article, "Brands like Linder, IAMGIA, and even Tom Ford have been showing low-rise style on their runways — quietly sowing the seeds for the early 2000s comeback."

Just no.

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Trotman continued to say that 2020 will see trends from the 2000's brought back, not just low-rise jeans. I better break out my Kangol hats. However, luckily he believes the trends will be worn ironically. Low-rise jeans have been seen on Instagram worn by people like Bella Hadid and the Jenners.

Don't let this fool you and think this is just a trend for the super trendy and models. Levi's have added low-rise jeans to it's 2019 line up. According to The Cut, "Jill Guenza — VP of Global Women’s Design at Levi’s confirmed that the brand 'love[s] a low rise again,' but that it took a while to get there."

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There are so many thing wrong with this trend. First of all you are less than an inch away from complete embarrassment. Those jeans are really teetering on dangerous territory. Plus, the plumber's crack is real. The moment you sit or bend over even slightly, that plumber's crack is on full display. This also means your underwear are definitely making an appearance as well.

If you are not model skinny the muffin top is fierce. Even if you are super skinny, any ounce of body fat is rolling over the jeans the moment you sit down. This is why mid-rise jeans became on trend, they look good on everyone.

MTV TRL: Jennifer Lopez
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I will be crossing my fingers from now until the end of 2020 that this prediction doesn't come true. The last thing the fashion world needs is low-rise jeans.

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