Here we go - into the first weekend with no sports, no concerts, no parades, and no gatherings of more than, what, two people?

Only George Carlin can save us.

Which is fantastic - except for the fact that he's been pretty much dead for the last 12 years.....

(Editorial note: In my headline I used the term "The `Rona." My hip, young morning show co-host Jahna insists that that's what all the cool kids are calling the coronavirus.)

Anyway, George Carlin, the comedian, remains dead today, but before he died he did a stand-up routine about germs. Since yesterday, I've watched it 27 times, and I urge you to do the same.

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Safe for work? This would be the opposite of safe for work... unless you're quarantined by yourself.

Watch this and good luck. Let's live life, people!

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